Lignin biorefinery to fuel additives, materials and energy

Lignin biorefinery to fuel additives, materials and energy

Projecttitel: Lignin biorefinery to fuel additives, materials and energy
Projectnummer: TEBE113004
Penvoerder: Progression Industry


In order to achieve the Dutch sustainable Renewable Energy Policy goal of 16 % in 2020, in a truly sustainable manner, the development of innovative biomass conversion technologies enabling to extract more total value from biomass is mandatory.

The objective of this project is to demonstrate, at laboratory and pilot-scale, the feasibility of using lignocellulosic resources, which do not compete with food resources, for the sustainable production of energy (at a base equivalent of 15 cent per KwH or 103,53 cents / Nm3), energy carriers, fuel additives, materials and chemicals via cascading biorefinery concepts. In particular lignin-rich biomass side-streams which are currently underexploited, such as municipal waste and corn stover will be used as input for the biorefinery.

A consortium consisting of Progression Industry, ADM, Essent, ECN, FeyeCon, SOPREMA and Wageningen UR Food & Biobased research (FBR) will isolate lignin from lignocellulosic side streams and further convert lignin into energy, energy carriers and materials. In case the feasibility is positively demonstrated, more future R&D activities are anticipated at the consortium partners, aiming at developing a full-scale integrated biorefinery using resources such as municipal waste, agro-side streams and side streams from the production of lignocellulosic ethanol.