Feasibility study for market introduction of LCGR Automotive Fuel


Projecttitel: Feasibility study for market introduction of LCGR Automotive Fuel
Projectnummer: MTHLA16125
Penvoerder: Gütts BV
Startdatum: 01-08-2016
Einddatum: 28-02-2017


Design, develop and deliver a ‘Zero Oil’, ‘Drop-in’ fuel on the market, working title: LCGR Fuel (Low Carbon Gasoline Replacement Fuel). LCGR Fuel is a compounded blend of 10-15 renewable components, EN228 compliant, Low Carbon (<50% CO2 WtW), Low Particle, Nox, Sox and PM emission, technically equivalent to current market offerings and ISCC Certified.

The Dutch Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth has laid down an ambitious energy and climate policy program: “a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2050 (compared to 1990), with a reduction of 25 Mton (-17%) in 2030 en route to attaining that target”. The use of 5% to 12% biofuels is projected for 2030, while a share of 9% to 37% biofuels in the total fuel consumption will be necessary in 2050. For this target to be achieved, a lot of development is still needed and increasing blending levels in consumer fuels in itself not sufficient in itself.

OEM’s develop downsized powertrains to reach their emission targets, this ‘downsizing’ route is limited by the octane rating in the current market fuels. Higher octane fuel would lead to ever decreased engine size and thus lower CO2 and particle emissions.

With over 6000 ISCC certified fuel components that are TRL6 and higher, it is technically feasible and socially necessary to design and develop a recognizable consumer product based on these innovations to a. realize direct, ‘drop-in’ CO2 reduction and b. accelerate market penetration for the numerous innovations being developed in various topsectoren in and outside the Netherlands.

GUTTS has an established track record in motorsports and has developed and sold over 200.000L of Renewable Performance Fuel, together with key industry partners in both OEM, Science and Renewable Fuel Industry, celebrated over 500 wins, won three tender contracts and reduced approximately 300.000kg of CO2.  GUTTS will lead the effort to bring this experience in renewable performance fuels to the everyday driver, by working with our partners, using our creativity to introduce the first renewable, drop-in fuel in the Netherlands.