Projecttitel: CHEMBEET
Projectnummer: TEMW115001
Penvoerder: Dutch Sustainability Development


The objective of this Eranet-project is to create a competitive integrated biorefinery to produce green products (f.e. chemicals) and energy from sugar beet. This biorefinery forms an alternative for large scale sugar production from sugar beet and an opportunity to create more business on the farm, reduce transport movements and promotes sugar beet cultivation. This project is coherent with European sugar policy.

The scientific and technological objective is to further develop the technology of direct processing (Betaprocess) as an integrated part of the processing of sugar beet in order to produce a combination of bioethanol and biogas in a continuously working process. The objective of this project is threefold: (1) to achieve a stable decentralised process of producing ethanol and biogas from sugar beet feedstock, (2) experiment with different feedstocks as an alternative to sugar beet to enable year round operation and (3) experiment with different micro-organism for production of green products from sugar beet like butanol, propanol, several sorts of acids, etc. The latter outlet could support the ethanol business case and make the business model more robust.