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Energy Research at the Eindhoven University of Technology

Sign up By September 14th via Michael Boot: M.D.Boot@tue.nl

Eindhoven University of Technology is one of the world’s foremost research institutions in energy research. The establishment of the energy research cluster in 2010 reflects a strong commitment to further expanding this already extensive body of energy research. The cluster brings together 27 research groups, with more than 300 energy scientists.

Energy research at TU/e has always been inspired by societal needs. We have an outstanding tradition of cooperation with industry. This makes it possible to simultaneously push the frontiers of science, product development, and societal implementation of new technologies. The energy strategic area envisions a sustainable world that can produce enough energy for its consumption, unimpeded by scarce resources and without any impact on the climate.

Our research will help pave the way for this challenging transition. Many roads lead to this future. That is why we are exploring a broad spectrum of promising technologies. In the short term, we expect to generate novel technologies for more sustainable use of existing resources. This research focuses on the built environment and fuel technologies. Somewhat further away, our research will deliver novel solar cells and other new energy conversion technologies. In the longer run, our fusion research will contribute to a sustainable transition.

Topic for the Young BBE Meeting: Reverse engineering the ideal biofuel

Historically, biofuel refineries have been designed from a producer’s or technology push perspective, i.e. given the availability of a certain feedstock (e.g. rape seed), develop a cost-effective production route to various classes of transportation fuels (e.g. biodiesel). Conversely, we address the issue from an engine’s or market pull point of view in a two-fold exercise in reverse engineering. Firstly, we reverse-engineer the engine’s favorite drink with the aim of largely eliminating particulate emissions.

Here we show that oxygenated aromatics, e.g. benzyl alcohol, have the strongest soot curbing potential of all hydrocarbon classes investigated. The causality can be traced back to an intrinsic chemical “snooze” functionality, which ensures longer mixing times prior to auto-ignition. More by chance rather than design, the very same molecules act as octane boosters when added to gasoline, thereby offering the promise of a “one-size-fits-all” biofuel solution.

Subsequently, we allocate appropriate bio-based feedstocks, in this case lignin recovered from waste streams in cellulosic-ethanol and paper production. Lignin, after cellulose the most abundant renewable feedstock, is essentially a polymer of the aromatic oxygenates in question, requiring a further (catalytic) depolymerization process to retrieve the desired fuel compounds.

Link to the BioBased Economy

The link of our research to the (Dutch) BBE is most evident in relation to the figure below, taken from the Port of Rotterdam Vision 2030 document. From this figure becomes clear that second generation biorefineries will have an aromatic-rich (lignin) side-stream. The valorization route still has to be developed, but a route towards aromatic chemicals is envisioned. We would like to add a pathway towards aromatic (e.g. phenolic) based biofuels. It is very likely that when producing aromatic chemicals from lignin, there will be a fraction which is not suitable for chemical production. This cut could then be utilized for our biofuels.


Participants: Max. 30
Location: Eindhoven Automotive Lab (sign in at reception of building Gemini)

Campus map: http://www.tue.nl/uploads/media/plattegrond_02.pdf

  • Program
  • 1430: Reception with coffee/tea
  • 1500: presentation 1 (Michael Boot/ title: What would the engine like to drink?)
  • 1530: presentation 2 (Prof. Emiel Hensen/working title: How to produce the engine’s favorite drink?)
  • 1600: start lab tour (Session 1)
    o Group 1: visits catalysis lab chemical engineering
    o Group 2: visits engine lab mechanical engineering
  •  1645: start lab tour (Session 2)
    o Group 2: visits catalysis lab chemical engineering
    o Group 1: visits engine lab mechanical engineering
  • 1730-1830: Informal drink with warm snacks
  • Sign up By September 14th via Michael Boot: M.D.Boot@tue.nl

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  • Dyadic Nederland BV
    Dyadic Nederland BV
    Dyadic Netherlands is a subsidiary of Dyadic International Inc. with headquarters in Jupiter, Florida, USA. Dyadic International has manufactured and sold enzymes for the textiles, animal feed, starch, and food industries since 1994. Dyadic's global market reach and manufacturing capabilities enable it to market and sell enzymes to customers in more than 35 countries. Dyadic Netherlands represents the R&D centre of Dyadic International. Its facilities are located in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Amongst others the company develops strains of the fungus Myceliophthora thermophila – or C1 – to rapidly discover and express genes and to manufacture the enzymes encoded by those genes, using C1 as the host organism

    Nieuwe Kanaal 7S, 6709PA, Wageningen


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  • Fargate Group
    Fargate Group
    Since 2008 we developed a concept to improve the sustainability profile of our customers by making use of their waste streams and reducing their emission. This evolved into the idea of making use of the waste streams warm water and CO2 as ingredients for producing Algae. As production of Algae is not the core business of our customers, we contacted Algae-using companies to develop a market aligned with the specific needs and their preferred types of Algae. Basically we have three activities to organize for our business: * Developing and selling Algae Installations * Trading in Algae * Servicing the total business: e.g. maintenance In that way we have organized our organisation: * Fargate International BV: for innovation of and selling the Algae-producing-installations * Algae Fargate BV: trading of Algae * Fargate Services BV: services

    Veerstraat 18, Vossemeer


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  • Biodeal BV
    Biodeal BV
    Biodeal Duurzaam Innovatief op het gebied van consultancy en trading biomassa. Consultancy Uw organisatie optimaliseren en verduurzamen zijn veel besproken onderwerp, maar roept tevens veel vraagtekens op. Door jarenlange ervaring in de wereld van duurzame energie, biomassa & afvalmanagement kunnen wij u hierin optimaal ondersteunen en adviseren. Uw plannen en doelstelling op gebied van duurzaamheid realiseert u succesvol in samenwerking met Biodeal. Working and Processing Door gebruik te maken van gecertificeerde be- en verwerkingslocatie en een groot netwerk aan eindgebruikers maakt Biodeal de partner voor de optimalisatie van uw reststromen.

    Kerneel 36, Nederweert


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  • NHL - kenniscentrum duurzame energie
    NHL - kenniscentrum duurzame energie
    Vanuit het kenniscentrum werken we aan diverse projecten rondom het thema duurzame energie.

    Rengerslaan 10, Leeuwarden


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  • Avantium Technologies B.V.
    Avantium Technologies B.V.

    Zekeringstraat 29 1014 BV, Amsterdam


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  • Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Havengebied Westzaan BV
    Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Havengebied Westzaan BV
    duurzame ontwikkeling van bedrijventerrein HoogTij

    De Ruijterkade 7, Amsterdam

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  • GreenTechAlliances, powered by kiEMT
    GreenTechAlliances, powered by kiEMT
    Het Bioeconomy Innovation Cluster Oost Nederland (BIC-ON) is onderdeel van GreenTechAlliances, powered by kiEMT en verbindt en versnelt de innovatieve biobased ontwikkelingen in Gelderland en Overijssel. BIC-ON is een breed gedragen cluster met een meerjarenprogramma waarin bedrijfsleven, kennisinstellingen en provincies hun krachten bundelen. Door de regionale krachten gericht te ontwikkelen, innovatiefaciliteiten beschikbaar te stellen en uiteraard financiering te ontsluiten, wordt de transitie van fossiele naar biobased grondstoffen versneld en worden reststromen herbenut. Alleen door goede samenwerking en afstemming wordt dit realiteit; ‘Alleen kun je sneller, samen kom je verder.’

    Eusebiusbuitensingel 28, Arnhem


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  • InnovatieLink
    InnovatieLink biedt MKB-ondernemers in de topsectoren energie en chemie praktische oplossingen en ondersteuning bij innovatievraagstukken.

    Groen van Prinsterenlaan 37, 3818 JN, Amersfoort


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  • Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant
    Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant
    BBEPP schaalt bioprocessen op van labschaal naar pilootschaal (10 m3 of 10 ton schaal). Het gaat onder meer over pretreatment, biomassa fractionatie, enzymatische conversies, fermentatie, groene chemie en downstream processing

    Rodenhuizekaai 1 , Ghent


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