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progressionAfter visits at DSM Delft, the Port of Rotterdam, Neste Oil, Suiker Unie and the Green Chemistry Campus, the next event is a one-day business case workshop in Brussels on aromatics from lignin. This workshop is sponsored by Eindhoven University of Technology & Progression Industry BV.


Are you facing challenges in developing new business in the bio-based economy? If the answer is yes, this workshop is probably of interest for you.  The goal of this workshop is to develop a concrete strategy how to make business out of converting lignin into aromatics. By developing this strategy in teams and in a single day, you very quickly get experience with the different key elements of bio-based business strategies (like for example funding, partnerships, feedstock sourcing). During the workshop you will be supported by experienced speakers from research institutes, chemical industry and European institutions.
We expect to invite 15 persons from Dutch and Flemish industries, researchers, NGO’s and governmental organizations. Based on discussions and inspiring speakers you learn how to develop effective strategies to overcome the challenges of the bio-based economy.

Bio-Aromatics from Lignin for Chemicals and Transport Fuels

Progression Industry BV is owner of the intellectual property rights to the use of lightly cracked lignin oil (coined CyclOx®) in diesel engines. To force the accelerated development of lignin-based marine fuels, Maersk Oil Trading signed a take-off agreement (50 kton/annum) for this fuel. Potentially, also specific chemicals like phenolic components or vanillin could be extracted during the production of this fuel, so simultaneously producing chemicals and fuels from biomass.
However, in the bio-based economy, many speak of fuel vs. chemicals as if the two were somehow mutually exclusive. Not surprisingly, a typical response sounded by the chemical industry is that “we are not interested in fuels, only in chemicals”. This view is incomplete, as a quick glance at a conventional oil refinery will learn. Of all renewable biomass streams lignin, a relatively large side stream formed in the production of paper pulp, ethanol and furans, is a suitable source to economically produce bio-aromatics.
Progression Industry BV requests the YoungBBE community to support them developing a strategy how to realize the vision of integrated production of marine fuels and bio-aromatics from lignin.


 July 4: Start 21:00
The event starts with a drink in the hotel the evening before. Here all the participants get introduced with each other and the goal of the workshop. 21:00 should give everyone sufficient time to travel to Brussels after work.

July 5: Full day workshop 8:30 – 18:00
After breakfast we start early with the workshop at a nearby location. In teams you will work out the different elements of the strategy in parallel, while having time for discussion and presentation. During this day we invite several speakers from research institutes, industry and European governments. At the end of the day, the results will be presented to the managing board of the sponsors. We close the day with dinner & drinks.

Register now!
Apply by sending a short motivation in an e-mail with your name, company and position within your company to YoungBBE@biobasedeconomy.nl.
The organization will make a selection of all applications based on order, motivation and type of company in order to have a balanced and diverse group of participants.
Register as soon as possible because there is only a limited number of places available.

This workshop is free of charge, including food and beverages, and one night stay at the hotel, excluding travel costs.


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