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7th edition of Gasification Summit

Join ACI’s 7th edition of Gasification Summit in Frankfurt, Germany on the 28th – 29th March 2018.

The BioTfueL project launched by Total and five partners is designed to transform lignocellulosic biomass (straw, forest waste, dedicated energy crops) into biofuel via thermochemical conversion. The partners’ goal is to develop an end-to-end set of processes for producing second-generation biodiesel and biojet fuel.
The BioTfueL project is focused on developing an innovative process for converting biomass into high-quality biodiesel and biojet fuel. Gasification makes it possible to produce biofuels from lignocellulosic material, such as agricultural by-products, forest waste and energy crops. The process can also convert fossil feedstock mixed with biomass to account for seasonal variations in resource availability.
The resulting biofuels, which will not contain any sulfur or aromatics, will be usable pure or blended in all types of diesel and turbojet engines.
The set of processes developed by BioTfueL will be transposable on an industrial scale at the end of the project.
Source: https://www.total.com/en/energy-expertise/projects/bioenergies/biotfuel-converting-plant-wastes-into-fuel
The topics covered in the presentation will include:
BioTfueL Project: Developing Second Generation Biofuels


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